Coming out of the heart of Atlanta’s trap scene, in the city’s Westside, was the late Marlo who passed away in July of 2020. Growing up in the streets of Atlanta’s roughest neighborhoods like Bowen Homes and the 9th Ward, Marlo always embodied the spirit and drive of a go-getter and lived a lifestyle that most artists can only write about. It didn’t take long for Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “P” Thomas to notice the glowing aura around Marlo and the movement he was creating in many of Atlanta’s neighborhoods with his team PFK or Play For Keeps.

After starting his music career in 2017 with fellow QC artist Lil Baby on their joint effort 2 The Hard Way, Marlo would continue crafting his musicianship with the next two projects, The Wire and 9th Ward God, which released the following year. Later in the fall of 2018, Marlo would release his latest and most successful project, The Real 1, which featured other popular artists including Lil Yachty, Quavo, YFN Lucci, and Gunna who assisted on the eerie trap banger “Good Dope”. With a distinct flow and authenticity that shined through his music, Marlo had
set the stage to be one of the next leading faces of Atlanta Hip Hop.

Last year Marlo released his club hit single, “Soakin Wet”, with guest verses from two of rap’s hottest names, Offset and City Girls, as well as production from chart-topping producers Hit Maka and OG Parker. 2020 showed the rapper taking off to a new level with the new hard-hitting street album, 1st & 3rd. The project was lifted by performances from the top southern rappers of this era and offered a true testament to Marlo’s continued growth as both a man and an artist that was tragically cut short.


Curb Service

Big Bag

Shootin Shit Up

Soakin Wet feat. Offset, City Girls