Quality Control Music’s newest signee Lakeyah Danaee is putting on for both the Midwest and Atlanta with a versatile sound that bridges that gap between velvety R&B and hard-hitting bars that contest even her most veteran QC counterparts. The Milwaukee-born singer, rapper, and star in the making came from humble beginnings in the midwest. Growing up in Milwaukee raised by a single Mom with four children, Lakeyah was shy and studious, spending her days at the park and her nights reading acclaimed novels given to her by her Grandma like Rich Man Poor Man and The Help. As she came into her teenage years her lyrical chops and songwriting prowess began to emerge. Her rise into the spotlight kicked off in 2019 with a remix of a City Girls track for the viral “First Day Out” Challenge, which gained traction online and caught the eyes of Quality Control and City Girls’ JT, who reposted her track. After honing her craft playing local shows in Milwaukee, in September of 2019 Danaee rolled the dice on a permanent move to Atlanta with her girlfriend. In early 2020, Denaee followed up with The Keymix II project which introduced the world to her unmatched range, effortlessly swinging between aggressive, braggadocious rap and soulful, earnest R&B tracks. After releasing her project, Lakeyah still found herself in Atlanta with no income living off financial support from her mother and girlfriend, but her perseverance and the pressure to succeed eventually produced two more diamonds in the rough when she remixed Lil Baby’s “Sum 2 Prove” and “We Paid” in Spring of 2020. Again, her “We Paid” remix was quickly reposted by Lil Baby online, but this time Quality Control wasn’t waiting for someone else to recognize her untapped potential. QC’s CEO Pierre “P” Thomas sent Lakeyah a DM asking for music, and wasted no time signing her to the label. With her unique style, natural talent and so much range, there’s no doubt that Lakeyah will gracefully climb the ranks toward stardom.


lakeyah reason


lakeyah 313-314

313-414 ft. Tee Grizzley

Young And Ratchet

Too Much

Perfect feat. Yung Bleu


Poppin feat. Gucci Mane



Worst Thing

Pop Out

Hit Different


Big FlexHer feat. 42 Dugg