“Cook that shit up Quay!”—brings you right into the kitchen of preeminent Atlanta producer Quay Global. As rattling high-hats, tense samples, bouncy 808s simmer, and scorch, Quay’s unique sound herald the next phase of Southern hip-hop.

Within two years, Quay ignited a new wave for the genre upheld by a string of multi-platinum chart-topping cuts for everyone from Lil Baby and Gunna to City Girls. Not to mention, his own rise and talents would be chronicled and extolled by High Snobiety, FADER, DJ Booth, Complex, and more.

Ultimately, he set the stage for a movement.   

“What I do is a new wave,” he explained. “I’m out here trying to represent the next generation. I want to help artists shape their sound, so we can keep making hits for a long time. It’s influenced by the Atlanta music culture, but we’re going down our own path in terms of the artistry.”

Resonating from an unfortunate environment on the “EastSide” of Atlanta, Quay grew a love for music and decided to make beats at the early age of 9. Every year around Christmas, Quay would simply ask his mother to just give him money instead of gifts, using the cash to add on to his home studio. In just a few years, Quay acquired the basic foundation for his studio and developed a keen ear for music that lead to mastery in not only beat making but music production and engineering as a whole. After initially producing his own music, Quay put it all together, eventually dropping his first mixtape with an artist by the name of Guap Tarantino. Over the years, he would go on to collab with many of the hottest of underground artists, making a name for himself in the streets of Atlanta.

Quay vividly recalls a lifelong connection to music. His grandfather stood out as an accomplished saxophonist, so he spent many summers  Inspired by watching his grandfather grow as an upcoming musician. Under the influence of artists like Future and Kanye West, he started releasing mixtapes in high school as Quavvo Sinatra. Upon a serendipitous meeting with Gucci Mane that led to an impromptu feature, he ditched the day job and dove into making beats, landing his first placement in 2017 on Lil Baby’s “My Dawg”—now certified platinum.

This collaboration kicked off a fervent creative partnership between the rapper and producer. Quay Global not only went on to sign to Quality Control Music Group, but he also produced a total of eight tracks on Lil Baby’s platinum-selling chart-topping, Street Gossip. Simultaneously, he lent his talents to City Girls’ “Runnin,” Yella Beezy, Quavo & Gucci Mane’s “Bacc at it again,” Lil Baby’s “Out the Mud” and more in addition to 4 cuts on the QC Compilation Album  Control The Streets Volume 1”. He also has 4 songs on the latest QC Project “Control the Streets Volume 2”. To date, his cumulative streams exceed 1 billion and counting. At the same time, he’s begun architecting his own solo debut, fittingly titled, Cook That Shit Up Quay.

It’s clear the new wave has begun and is showing no signs of departure.

“A Global Takeover” is what he would call it.

“This shit is just beginning,” he leaves off. “I ain’t stopping no time soon.”


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